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 huuhuhuh h8 u

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PostSubject: huuhuhuh h8 u   Sun May 11, 2008 1:46 am

Don't ever give up
if you still want to try,
don't ever wipe your tears
if you still want to cry.
Don't ever settle for an answer
if you still want to know.
Don't ever say you don't love him
if you can't let him go.

You said you didn't want to see me get hurt,
so does that mean you closed
your eyes when I cried?

Don't say we're not right for each other,
the way I see it,
we're not meant for anyone else.

If the truth was told instead of a lie,
then the pain would go away sooner
and not hurt as much.

It really hurts when you
expected so much more
from the person you once loved so much.

Falling in love is awfully simple,
but falling out of love is simply awful.

I wish I was a kid again,
because skinned knees
are easier to fix then broken hearts.

Oftentimes we say goodbye
to the person we love without wanting to.
Though that doesnít mean that we've
stopped loving them or
we've stopped to care.
Sometimes goodbye is a painful way
to say I love y

Posted 05/10/2008 11:17 pm
05/10/2008 1:21 am

Memories are the best souvenirs.

Parting of loving someone
is learning to let go.

Take a look at what you have.
Think of all you did to get it.
Remember it only takes one second to lose.

It's better to be with no one
than to be with the wrong one.

Happiness is the best revenge!!!

Should I hate you because you hurt me?
Or should I love you because
you made me feel special?

Deep down you know it's best for yourself,
but you hate the thought of him
being with someone else.

Now I believe it when people
say love is blind...
'cause I must have been blind
to love a person like you.

Money can't mend a broken heart;
that's Love's job.

One can not truly experience
the beauty of love
without enduring the pain that comes with it
once it is lost.

It hurts to see the one
you love happy with someone else,
but it is more painful to see the
you are with unhappy with you.

The heart does heal and you will love like this

Posted 05/10/2008 11:16 pm
thought I loved him,
but he had to break my heart for me
to know what true love really is.

A failing love is like desperately
hanging on to something precious;
not wanting to give up,
but your hands feel the pain.
And, when you finally let go,
you're free from any pain,
but your hands are empty.

What do you live for when all
you were living for is gone?

We cannot beg someone to stay
if they want to leave
and be with someone else.
We have to admit that love
doesn't give us the license to own a person.
This is what love means...sacrifice.

Deep in my heart, I'm suffering,
knowing that I've lost you.
On the outside, I'm living,
pretending that I've forgotten you

I just want one day to go by
where I'm not pretending I'm happy!

Once upon a time I was falling in love,
but now Iím only falling apart.

I could fill a thousand pages
telling you how I felt
and still you would not understand.
So now I leave without a sound,
except that of my heart sha
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PostSubject: Re: huuhuhuh h8 u   Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:49 am

naks naman ngoody Sad Sad ajejejeje....

just dont stop loving and believing... Razz Razz
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huuhuhuh h8 u
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