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 How to be a mig33 admin??

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PostSubject: How to be a mig33 admin??   Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:36 pm

on how to becoming mig33 room administrator, firstly you must know the following principles or conditions:

Arrow user should be sensible to all chatters
Arrow user should respect all mig33 administrators and staffs
Arrow user should online at least 6 hours a day in mig33 chat rooms
Arrow never performed multi kicking, freeze & hang code, slang and flooding.
Arrow never been kicked by any of mig33 administrators in chat rooms.
Arrow never been banned by mig33 room administrators

secondly, when writing an application you should mention the reason why you are applying for this position and make sure that your reasons are valid thus mig33 management understands your objective.

and don't forget to include the following information:

your name
mobile number

lastly, send your application to and you will get this reply "thank you for your interest about mig33 room admin or moderator position, and if they are not looking for administrators yet, you will get this response, "Sorry were not looking for any mig33 room administrators yet" but don't worry your application will be stored.

hopes this information helps you guys....keep rocking miggers
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How to be a mig33 admin??
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