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 The Wealth of friendship

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PostSubject: The Wealth of friendship   Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:51 am

When I am deeply pondering,
I often recollect
the many treasures I have found
in Friendship and Respect.
So many times from past mistakes,
I've learned how not to be.
I heeded words of wise advice
from those who helped me see
that Life is short, and all that counts
are Friends that we have made;
for Kindliness leaves memories
which Time can never fade.

For if we wait for "better days"
to act on good intention,
the Future soon will pass us by
without the slightest mention.
The Past is gone, the Future hid . . .
so while we live and strive,
If any person we can aid,
our memory will thrive.
I've found through long experience
that helping in this way,
will make one's life much more worthwhile---
and others' woes allay.

If I pass on to those I meet
this wisdom I've been taught,
I know they'll have the best in Life
of that which can't be bought.

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The Wealth of friendship
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